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IT governance game

This is the home of the IT-governance game.
The IT-governance game is a management game aimed at making the players of the game aware of our belief that IT-governance is the most critcal success factor for IT-architecture.
There are a long and a short version of the game. The long version consists of two parts, each consisting of several rounds (fiscal years). The short version consists of the latter part of the long version preceded by one introductory round.
The game is ideally lead by two game masters. One game master acts as evaluator who guides the awareness process. The other game master acts as IT manager.
The game can be played with 2 to 4 teams (business units). In order for the game to be a succesful awareness game each of the teams should not be too large, ideally 3 or 4 players per team. Therefore the game should be played with 6 to 16 players. The long version takes 2-3 hours to play and the short version 1 hour. For maximum awareness you should play the long version, we usually play the short version at congresses and the like to give attendees an impression of the game.
You can either play the game yourself using the instructions or hire professional game masters. In case you want to play the game yourself you can either make the materials yourself (see the zip file for details) or borrow the materials.
The IT-governance game is open source and freely available under the GNU public license.

As this game is some sort of community effort people are invited to contribute. Items on the wish list can be found in to be done.

The old version of this site can be found here. Still available are a leaflet and an article both describing an older version of the IT-governance game, but these still capture the essence of the game.

Last updated: wed 13 jul 2011